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The smooth running of any complex project relies heavily on how well contractors and service providers can carry out their tasks on time.

Knight Group is an international company whose strong understanding and experience in large-scale office fit-out projects provides a unique advantage to your project management arsenal.

From product choice, to space planning and 3D modelling services, to furniture delivery and installation, the team at Knight Group is able to give you expert assistance every step of the way.

Cubit 120˚ Pod


Office Setting

Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Knight Group’s international designers have developed a unique and comprehensive range of contemporary office furniture, primed for the South Pacific market.

We are committed to developing and offering the best-value products for the middle to higher end market.

In essence, Knight Group is an experienced, energetic organisation that constantly innovates in order to provide superior office furniture solutions.

   Your enitre office covered

Knight Group has your office completely covered

The Knight Group product range is a well-proven selection of office furniture that effortlessly holds its own in a wide range of stylish office interiors.

Knight Group furniture shines in the confinements of a small office, and performs famously in the pressures of large office complex’s. What ever the size or demands of your office; we’re confident of providing innovative solutions that promote real efficiency and productivity.

In the increasingly competitive business world, our extensive experience and industry knowledge gives you a real advantage in creating a dynamic workplace that works.



Boardrooms have a mystique all of their own. It’s the inner sanctum where ideas are born and far-reaching decisions made. The furniture for this range is chosen to enhance the dignity of any executive suite with options to suit all budgets.

Executive office in Cubit Dark Oak

Executive Office

Gracing prestigious offices worldwide.
Our executive furniture is a harmonious collection of chairs and desks, each a classic in its own right and instantly recognizable for its elegant lines, sculpted upholstery and supreme comfort.
Chairs and desking from this range grace prestigious offices and boardrooms of distinguished executives worldwide.

Shared Desking

Shared Desking

An intelligent approach to desking recognizes that the core element in an office is the desk.
Stripping the desk down to its bare simplicity and providing concealed routing of services give a refreshing feel of uncluttered space. Its modular structure guarantees adaptable layouts and solutions to support a multitude of ways of working.
Work modules link in clusters and combine with screens and storage to define individual areas for heads down work. The same desk elements work in private offices and as linear benching for collaborative work spaces.


Workstations and Single Desks

The best office environments are those that create a sense of community and space and support dynamic changes in workplace technologies and evolving work practices.
Whether you need individual offices for concentrated work or team based work areas to enhance interaction, Knight Group Workstations are a superb collection of coordinating ranges that features fixed or height adjustable desks and  workstations.
There is no reason why your office furniture should not be as architecturally appealing as your offices – Knight Group is a statement in style.

Height Adjustable Desking

Height Adjustable Worksurfaces

Multiple users. Multiple shifts. Multi ethnic workforce. All these factors contribute to the necessity of individual workstations that are height adjustable. Move up another level with a sit/stand vertical adjustment range 660–1060mm. This range of adjustment accommodates a wide range of users and allows users to alternate between seated and standing work positions (also available in 580-900mm height range compliant to OSH VDU Code of Practice).
The Cubit Highrise shared-frame system offers full, independent height adjustment for multiple users - with all the space saving advantages of a shared frame configuration.
Stand tall for healthy workplaces!

Studio50_1Office Partitions

Studio50 - Light-weight and easy to manoeuvre.
Studio50 partitions employ an innovative extruded-aluminium frame that effortlessly slides together and locks into position - making it a dream to install and reconfigure.
Shedding many of the cumbersome components of conventional screen systems, the Studio50 auto-locking connection intuitively links partitions together, shaving valuable minutes of each screen installation.

All with no hammers or mallets needed!




Create a positive impression
First impressions really do count - studies show that it is very hard to break a negative one! Whether you need sumptuous soft
seats for your corporate reception area or a trend-setting European style desk for your innovative new venture; Knight Group will help you form a positive impression every time.

Training Tables

Conference and Training

Flexibility creates opportunities.
Any training room needs to be adapted to the lessons being taught. Knight Group’s conference and training furniture allows you to re-configure your space with ease.  
Table tops flip up, chair seats flip up and both roll away on castors to nest together when no longer needed. This instantly transforms your classroom into highly flexible environment that is capable of a variety of teaching formats.

Knight Cafe


The right furniture in the right place.
The logistics of feeding and hosting people is always made a lot simpler with the right furniture. Knight Group hosts a tasty range of chairs and tables designed to meet the comfort and hygiene demands of a busy lunchroom or cafeteria.


3d Layout Services

The Knight Group product range is a well-proven selection of office furniture that effortlessly holds its own in a wide range of stylish office interiors.

When you are creating a large office space, it can be difficult to visualise exactly how your furniture will work in your new office. When you choose Knight furniture in a floorplan or space design, you can utilise our designers to draw an exact 3D model of your space. This enables you to see exactly how well your new office layout will work, giving you complete confidence before you make your purchase!

Getting started is easy! Discuss the details of each room with your Knight Group Stockist. They will be able to assist you in making recommendations on the best furniture for your budget and requirements.

Talk to your Knight Group Stockist about the 3D Layout services available to you today.

Sketchup Drawings