The Natural Choice

Good Wood

The manufacturer’s environmental policy confirms that composite wood materials are sourced from well-managed, sustainable forests and that they hold internationally recognised forestry stewardship certification.

Because forestry stewardship means following the highest social and environmental criteria, it often requires managers to adapt their management and operations. This is how forestry stewardship has a direct and permanent positive impact on the world’s forests and the people living from, in and around the forest.

Forestry stewardship cares for material through the production process - from the forest to the consumer, including successive stages of processing, transformation and manufacturing.

Good Wood

E1 Board

LFE stands for Low Formaldehyde Emission
and is called “E1” in the Australian Standard
for Reconstituted Wood Panels.

E1 boards have formaldehyde levels so low as
to be undetectable on many occasions and are on all occasions well below occupational and environmental standards including the threshold for cancer (2.4mg/m3) defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and workplace exposure limits set by the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (Australia).

As part of our commitment to a healthy & safe environment, E1 composite wood board is our standard material across all furniture ranges.

ISO Standard

ISO14001 Environmental Management System

Cubit System, Cubit, Ergoplan and EKO furniture ranges are manufactured in factories accredited to ISO14001.

This internationally recognized and independently certified Environmental Management System plays an important role in decreasing pollution and waste in the manufacturing process and reducing the overall environmental footprint of a factory’s operations.

Steel frame desk

Steel Leg Frames

The manufacturer’s environmental policy confirms that leg frames are made from mild steel with recycled content and that powder coating complies with European Standard

EN 71 Part 3:1994 (A1:2000) – Migration of Certain Elements. Heavy metals are tested to be as low as 6% of required safe limit!


circle of life

Circle of Life

Our products are designed and built to last, and in their manufacture, use and disposal, embody the environmental principles
of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

A major consideration of sustainable management is reducing generation of waste, so consumers can greatly reduce the impact
of office furniture on the environment by choosing to remanufacture or recycle their Knight Group product at the end of its life.

Knight Group undertakes to collect any of its desking items free of charge in CKD form and will:

• Donate it to a recognized charitable organization to extend its lifecycle

• Or if the item is beyond salvage, it will be dismantled, separated by material and sent to approved recyclers.

Knight Group has developed the CIRCLE OF LIFE™ Environmental Program to help you do your bit for the environment. Join us!