Knight can help you build the perfect home workspace

If you're looking for reliable, high-quality office furniture for your home office, you've come to the right place! We have everything you need for working from home, including a wide range of desks, chairs and storage options, backed by our famous 15 year warranty.

Where can I buy Knight office furniture?

Knight supplies office furniture to leading retailers throughout New Zealand, many of which deliver nationwide. If you or your employees require office furniture to work from home, contact one of our resellers and ask for quality Knight products.

Why is quality home office furniture so important?

While the COVID-19 coronavirus forced many of us to work from home, the working from home trend had been steadily growing in New Zealand for many years. According to the Stats NZ 2018 Survey of Working Life report, 16% of employees already had an arrangement with their employer to work from home. That equates to over 350,000 home offices!

New Zealanders' ability to work remotely en masse, however, was tested under the Level 4 lockdown. Many business owners and their staff were plunged into the world of remote working with little warning and forced to come to grips with new workplace practices in a very short space of time.

An important consideration is to ensure we have the right equipment to work safely and effectively from home.

While 86% of New Zealanders have access to the internet and devices that allow us to connect and communicate remotely, our home work environments are mostly not ideal. That's because many of us aren't set up properly with a home office and therefore have to make do with whatever furniture we have available.

An ergonomically correct desk or workstation is essential for minimising the risk of injury and improving productivity. Investing in a comfortable office chair is also important for creating an efficient home workspace.

While it's common sense that everyone working from home would want a comfortable and efficient home workspace, employers should be aware that they have obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 too. Specifically, they must ensure that a workplace does not put anyone's health and safety at risk. A properly equipped home office is a great step towards meeting these obligations.

The way we work has changed. Many businesses are now considering a permanent move to working from home, and home office furniture will continue to be an important consideration. Knight has the largest range of workspace solutions, and our friendly sales & support team are on call to assist with any inquiries.